The life of Seán Mackenzie

Seán’s explorations started with exploring jazz and journeyed into less conventional, indigenous sounds that have seen him specialise in piano, the exquisite thumb piano (Kalimba) of Africa, and the beautiful Brazilian instruments of berimbau and pandeiro.

Seán began learning the piano from the age of 9, by 11 was performing original works in competitions, and by 15 had started performing professionally with jazz & rock bands. Now with over 35 years professional experience, Seán is considered one of Australia’s premier musicians.

He has composed, performed, recorded and toured internationally with a Who’s Who of artists including Don Burrows, Dragon, the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra, Epizo Bangoura, Afro Moses, Paul Jackson, Tommy Campbell, Jeff Andrews, Waldo Fabian, Lava, Yamatake Carnival, Nikatsu Film Studios, Kiko Freitas and Lulo Reinhardt (great- nephew of Django Reinhardt), as well as numerous jazz, ethnic, pop and commercial artists. He has been involved in intensive masterclass workshops in Holland and Brazil.

In addition to his new album, ‘Brasil’, Seán has composed and produced earlier recordings, including ‘Talking to Myselves’, ‘Off 2 C The Planet’ and ‘Couch Invaders’, a collaboration with Sydney unit Flatwound. A graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music,Seán has participated in workshops and projects at the Enschede Conservatorium of Music with Master Percussionist Nippy Noya, and has also taught at Curso Internacional de Verão in Brasilia alongside a faculty of internationally acclaimed musicians.


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